Tenaris - Buenos Aires/Campana, Argentina / Houston, TX / Hickman, AR

Knowledge Manager – 2005-2008

• Built the Knowledge Management department from scratch.

• Managed/budgeted a team of internal/external consultants and direct reports (total of 8 people).

• Non-training projects:

o Designed and prototyped a rule-based graphic tool for automating the response of 80% of technical queries (production process knowledge).

o Reduced 50% of content search/retrieval time by designing a best-practice intranet site.

o Created from concept to product a taxonomy-based multimedia encyclopedia as an alternative adult learning strategy

(6 subject matters, over 2000 interrelated multimedia pages).

o Coordinated the online publishing of 4 technical handbooks (3-year overseas projects).

o Streamlined access to most recent/relevant ScienceDirect online publications.

o Revamped meeting and content management issues in an international community of practice.

o Created a corporate-wide collaborative glossary of abbreviations (over 13,000 terms).

o Drafted, validated and maintained the corporate taxonomy (over 2,700 terms).

• Training projects:

o Delivered 5 managerial and technical e-learning + classroom solutions.

o Conducted bi-monthly workshops for 100% of new entries (junior to senior).

o Assisted in the building of 6 management development paths.

o Designed a 5-year international training delivery model

Supply Chain Order Manager – 1999-2004

• 5 years of experience in sales/customer service (QA, production and forward logistics)

• Responsible for order follow-up and export documents of goods valued US$ 25M (per year).

• Developed an IT-based tool for customized and automatic completion of 80% of export documents (led a 4-member team + IT staff).

• Key user in Quality Assurance information management processes (over 80,000 items and 200 monthly replies to customer technical queries).

• Progressed from Process & Power Plant Services, to Pipeline Services and later to Oilfield Services.