Scottish Pipe Band Association of South America (SPBASA)

  • 2015 Elected as the 1st President of the Association - article
  • 2015 Drafted the Dance Corps competition category and the Management reorganization.
  • 2015 Represented SPBASA at the 2015 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo - photo
  • 2015 Represented SPBASA at the 2015 RSPBA International Conference - article
  • 2015 Represented SPBASA at the 2015 Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations Summit (Kansas City, MO) - album
  • 2013-2015 Facilitated the Gathering Advisory Committee calls/meetings for the 2015 G6
  • 2012 Drafted and roll out of the new Vision, Mission, Values
  • 2012 Compiled and coordinated the new G-hosting back-planning milestones and timeline
  • 2012 Drafted the revised operations and approval processes, official logo project, new proposal for the book of tunes, and district pipe bands.
  • 2011 Drafted the proposal for Local Adjudicators/Certification program
  • 2010 Coordinated the revision and approval of competition-related rules and forms
  • 2010 Migrated the website to Google sites
  • 2009 Drafted the Constitution's 1st amendment, Competition rules and Certification/Adjudication programs
  • 2008 Coordinated the 5th Anniversary Strategic Meeting (Argentina)
  • 2008 Redesigned the Association's website
  • 2008 Designed the Association's page in Facebook
  • 2005 Coordinated the second meeting at the South American Golden Jubilee Pipe Band Gathering
  • 2004 Announced the Association's foundation at the 1st South American Pipe Band Gathering
  • 2003 Coordinated several regional and continental meetings
  • 2003 Drafted the Association's Constitution and operations handbooks
  • Promoter of the Association since the 1990s

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27-Aug-2016 City Chambers, Edinburgh. L-R: P/M R.S.Macdonald, P/S Tom Breckenridge, SPBASA Pres. Michael Flight, Major Steven Small (Director, Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming), D/S Katheryn Corry, Brig. David Allfrey (Producer, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo).